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Protect and Enhance Your Online Reputation!

How to Suppress and Replace Negative Items with Positive References
to Establish Expertise and Build Your Brand

By Nick Nichols

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book on Amazon!

Bonus for book buyers:
Inside the book is a link to a website where you can get a complimentary review of your marketing initiatives. This alone is worth many times the price of the book.

Here’s the shocking truth of today’s digital world:

The power has shifted from businesses, conventional media and governments to individuals. Consumer review sites, complaint sites, business review sites, scam reporting sites, video sharing sites, media sites, blogs, PR sites and social media sites have tipped the scale in favor of people expressing their opinions openly and honesty, to anonymous and often negative, insulting, cruel and unusual "digital punishment" for wrongdoers, real or perceived.

If you’re reading this it may be because you’ve been unfairly victimized by online naysayers and you feel powerless to do anything about it. Or maybe you realize that the best time to protect your online reputation is before you have a problem. Either way, this book gives you low-cost, no-cost ways to create the positive online reputation you deserve, or suppress unfounded negative information that has already reared its ugly head.